Social Media Business Champions needed!


Building Social Media Business Champions

Social media sprang to life at NRMA Motoring & Services probably much like most businesses with new media properties – appearing indiscriminately without a defined strategy or ongoing support plan.

As one of my first challenges joining NRMA, I tasked the newly appointed Social Media Manager to develop a social media strategy and a staff social media policy. The strategy needed convey not only what we were going to do with social media, but it also needed to detail the effort required to monitor, grow and support each individual social property. The end result was a strategy that clearly highlighted the critical need for the business to actively participate in the day-to-day management of our social media footprint.

Fast forward a few years and NRMA’s social media team now consists of 2 full-time people with deep engagement from Social Media Business Champions sourced from across the group of businesses within NRMA Motoring & Services.

Creating Social Media Business Champions

A number of different types of Business Champions were created, each with a specific job:

  • After-hours Champions – 24/7 monitoring – our flagship NRMA Motoring & Services Facebook page is monitored 24/7. The social media team complete most of the monitoring during standard business hours, while after-hours monitoring is managed by the Roadside Assistance call centre. Twenty nine members of the Premium Care and Midnight teams are now trained to monitor and respond to Facebook and Twitter posts. The Midnight team sign off their posts: “(Team member name), Midnight Social Media team” – I just love this!
  • Social Media Champions – the NRMA Motoring & Services business is quite diverse, ranging from motoring, travel, advocacy, towing, car rental to online shopping. So questions and feedback we receive spans the entire business. A team of 50 staff members across the group who we call our “Social Media Champions” respond to the questions when the social team cannot.
  • Content Champions – a recent new addition to the Group Marketing team is the Group Content Manager. I look back and wonder how we managed before they were on board. We currently have 40 staff members from across the business who are our “Content Champions”.  These champions regularly feed through content from their business units for publishing directly onto our various social and digital properties.
  • CEO Champion – our newest champion is our CEO Tony Stuart and he will be appearing across our social media properties very soon. He has been trained on how to respond to general posts – so not just posts addressed to the CEO. We’ve taken the slow and steady approach to rolling out CEO access to our social properties, given his workload and other priorities.

Supporting your Business Champions

There are 3 important pieces to supporting Business Champions, these are:

  1. Staff social media policy – a core piece of work giving staff involved with social media the understanding of what they can and cannot do. It explains escalation processes and provides the support they need. The policy is only as good as the social media team, so it is important the team are readily available to answer questions and help everyone involved.
  2. Content calendar – a dream of mine is finally in the making!  The Group Content Manager is building a content calendar and through business engagement, will source content from across the NRMA group with the aim of the content to be repurposed for digital and social channels and to support marketing campaigns. Our Content Champions have core involvement here.
  3. Monitoring software – Lithium Social Web was recently implemented to monitor our social media and is currently being rolled out across the social properties. As we continue to develop, grow and experiment with our social footprint, I don’t think we would be able to continue at the same rate without business partners such as Lithium.

Without ongoing engagement with our social and business champions, I am certain we would not be able to continue the organic growth of our social media profiles. Social media is bigger than a single team, but you do need a team to maintain the vision, voice of authority, integrity and to lead the execution of social media strategy.

NRMA Motoring & Services primary social media properties include:

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