Building Digital Capability – Part 4: You as the Leader!



As featured in the January IAB Australia blog.

I’m going to close out this 4 part blog series with 3 final points. It was going to be 2 points but after rereading the blog the final point needed to be individually highlighted!

Point 1: Make everything a process!

You may think I’m a little crazy, somewhat controlling or suffering from an organisational obsessive compulsive disorder, but it is important to have clear processes in place.  People need process.

Well thought-out, common sense and successfully communicated processes do not stifle creativity, they encourage it.  Good processes remove what I call ‘unnecessary time flapping about‘ figuring out what to do, what is missing or what went wrong. The right process provides guidance and clarity in an often very busy workplace. As an example, the business completes a detailed brief which enables the designers to understand what they need to design (e.g. clear brief) and when their designs are required (e.g. project plan with clear timelines).

Point 2: Employ the right people 

Employ smart people.  Employ really smart people. Employ the people who make you a little uncomfortable during the interview process because you think – Wow you’re really smart! And it isn’t always about a formal qualification. There is also the ‘will and skill’ element. You may have found the smart person with the skill, but do they have the ‘will’ to make the job work!

Point 3:  Understand who you are!

Finally, look inwards and understand your digital skills, experience and knowledge. Where do you need support and what are your weaknesses?

You are the leader, the teacher and always the student because you’ve employed really smart people.

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